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At the time of writing, the best offer we have is £38.95. If we break this down by the size (1.8kg), this works out at £2.16 per 100g. This price is almost identical to Reflex Nutrition’s Micellar Casein. This is a pretty average price amongst the casein protein market – not too expensive, not too cheap. Throughout this review, we will provide you our impartial review, hopefully helping you to make a better decision on whether this product is for you.



Applied Nutrition 100% Casein is available in 4 flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana. We feel that Applied Nutrition have nailed the flavours, and that no matter your preferences, you will love at least one of these flavours. We got our hands on 4 sample sachets, so we were able to try each flavour. We felt the Vanilla flavour was good, but it was a very wholesome flavour and it would probably be quite overwhelming after a while. However, the other 3 flavours were very good and easy to drink. Chocolate had a very wholesome flavour also, but if you like chocolate as much as we do it won’t phase you. Strawberry had a bit of a twang and banana wasn’t hugely overpowering.

In terms of texture, casein protein in general is thicker and has a slightly dusty texture compared with other powders, so it will not mix as well as a regular whey protein, which means more liquid will be required. This will also impact the taste, if the ratios are not correct, so we will get on to this next.



We discussed above that the powder is thicker than regular whey protein powder, but this is to be expected. Like with most casein powders, it is a very dusty texture and you can experience this thickness whilst drinking, so it is important to nail the ratios and find what works for you. We added 60g of powder (1 serving) to 500ml of milk, shook strongly for 10 seconds, and allowed it to settle for 30 seconds. Milk does make it thicker, and will add to the element of slow digestion; you could get away with using around 450ml of water if you prefer. If you want the taste stronger, use less liquid (around 400ml), but be prepared for a thicker shake. For a thinner, less strong-tasting shake, use around 600ml of liquid. For even better results, you could invest in a blender. We use the NutriBullet 900W blender. It absolutely torches any powder, even ice, and gives you an incredibly smooth shake. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to casein shakes.



Casein protein powder derives from milk, which means the proteins essentially clump in your digestive system, taking longer to break down. Casein proteins are usually taken before sleep, in order to keep your body consistently fuelled with the proteins it needs to recover – as after all, sleeping is the time for growth.

First off, we’ll look at the protein content. Per 100g of powder, you are getting just over 84g of protein. This is a whopping amount and is one of the highest protein contents we have seen in a casein powder. Applied Nutrition’s Casein is 96% Micellar Casein on its own, so arguably this product is much more suited to taking before bed than products of a similar price, such as Reflex Nutrition’s Micellar Casein. The powder also contains 4.3g of naturally occurring glutamine per serving, as well as a hell of a lot amino acids, both branched-chain and essential. Per serving, we are getting 5.4g of BCAAs (which is actually quite good), and other essential aminos including Arginine, Aspartic Acid and Tyrosine. This comprehensive mixture of aminos not only supports muscle gain, but overall health and better bodily function.

Secondly, we’ll look at the carbohydrates. It is important to bear in mind that, before bed, you may want to reduce your carbohydrate intake as it is more likely to be stored as fat during sleep, as they are not being used. Per 100g of powder, you are getting 3.82g of carbs. According to the nutritional information, this is all sugar – we are assuming a mixture of lactose and natural sugars that will occur in the protein, maybe a bit from the flavourings too. This is incredibly low and again, is one of the lowest we have found – this is a very lean protein powder.

Finally, we’ll look at fat. Per 100g of powder, you are getting 1.9g, of which 900mg is saturated. This is a very small amount (slightly higher than other powders) but nothing to be basing your purchasing decision on.

Overall, this is a very good casein protein powder, and it does have the added benefit of the huge amino acid profile, rarely found in a casein powder.


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