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BPI Sports Best BCAA is available in 30 servings. At the time of writing, our best offer is £18.99. If we break this down by size (381g), this works out at £6.33 per 100g of powder. This is well above average for a BCAA/amino powder product. During this review, we will aim to identify whether this price tag is due to a high quality product, or if it’s an unjustified, expensive product.



Taste is important when it comes BCAAs, as you drink them during your workout, so you need to have a flavour that you like and enjoy. Cellucor Alpha Amino is available in 9 flavours. We won’t list them all, however, we did try two flavours. Firstly, we tried the Passion Fruit. This is a very fruity, refreshing flavour and works very well as a chilled drink during your hot, sweaty workout. It’s not too sweet (depending on how much you put in your water), and is a full flavour. Secondly, we tried the Sour Candy flavour. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a very sweet and sour flavour (funnily enough), but it could be quite hard to drink long-term, during a workout. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this could be perfect for you. Overall, we are happy with the flavours that we tried. We are also confident in saying that the other flavours available will also be of great taste.



BCAA powder can have a very dusty, light yet thick texture. It’s very rare that you will find a BCAA powder that does not mix well, as long as you follow the directions from the manufacturer. We mixed 1 serving (roughly 10g) in 1l of water. After all, it is a drink that you should use during your workout, we wouldn’t recommend using it before or after. We would not recommend using any other liquid. Remember, the amount of liquid will change the taste – less liquid will mean it is slightly thicker with a stronger flavour, but more liquid will mean it is slightly thinner with a weaker flavour. As BCAAs are intra-workout (during your workout), you should drink this slowly whilst working out. We found that 1-1.5l lasts around an hour and a half, obviously depending on how much you drink.



This is where it gets interesting. At their core, BCAAs will contain amino acids, but they main contain other ingredients and compounds that boost your energy a little more. BCAAs are considered essential because, unlike non-essential amino acids, your body cannot make them. Therefore, it is essential to get them from your diet. Contrary to most other amino acids, BCAAs are mostly broken down in the muscle, rather than in the liver. Because of this, they are thought to play a role in energy production during exercise. More importantly, your body can use them as building blocks for protein and muscle. First off, we’ll explore the nutritional information. Annoyingly, the nutritional information is not broken down by each individual compound. But, we’ll still outline what we found. Per serving, we are getting a ‘CLA Matrix’, which sounds to us as if this product is positioned towards fat loss. This 1g blend contains (but is not limited to): Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Avocado Oil Powder and Coconut Oil Powder (for detoxing and quick energy). It then contains a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, consisting of 2.5g of Glycyl-Alanyl-Lysine-L-Leucine, 1.3g of Glycyl-Alanyl-Lysine-L-Isoleucine and 1.3g of Glycyl-Alanyl-Lysine-L-Valine. Finally, we have 1g of Glutamine. Secondly, we’ll look at the ingredients, aside from the ones listed above, we also have maltodextrin, which is high on the glycemic index, thus can cause a spike in blood sugar. We also found natural and artificial colours, and artificial sweetener (sucralose) – we found no evidence of artificial flavours. This is a good amino powder, but there are better options available with more BCAAs per serving, and other amino acids that add more benefits for your workout. This powder is also expensive for what you get, but if you decide that the ingredients appeal to you, then this could be for you.


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