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As this product comes as a daily supply, we are going to break down the lowest supply and highest, to work out the value. For a 7 day supply, you are looking at £25.99 – this works out at around £3.72 per day, for both the superfood drink and the vitamins. If you stump up the big money and go for the 28 day supply, you are looking at £3.34 per day, so it’s not a huge saving. However, you can subscribe for your supplies and save 35%, which is pretty good. If you subscribe for the 7 day supply, you are looking at around £2.41, so you are saving quite a bit there. If you subscribe for the 28 day supply, you’re looking at about £2.17, which isn’t actually that bad at all.

It’s probably clear that if you are big on saving money and budgeting, then you could buy your multivitamins and essential minerals separately, for a bit cheaper. The best thing about getting multivitamins, and any supplement in a bundle or  supply such as this, is that you stick to it, and it makes your life just that little bit easier.



When discussing taste, we won’t talk about the multivitamins – they don’t taste of anything unless you, for some odd reason, decide to chew them rather than swallow them straight down.

The superfood drink has a hell of a lot ingredients in it, which we’ll get on to next. All you need to do is mix it with water.

Now, it’s fair to say that any real superfood drink, with fantastic benefits, is unlikely to taste that great. This is a similar story, but it’s certainly not the worst we’ve ever had. The drink can be quite bitty if not stirred properly, and it completely depends on how much water/liquid you mix with it.

It does have quite a bitter taste and doesn’t have a hugely fruity flavour, as the colour would tend to suggest. As we said, it’s definitely not the worst, but as you get nearer to the bottom of the drink, it’s quite a challenge to get down. We’ll talk about effectiveness and results later on, but it’s definitely worth the short hit of bitterness.

Due to this, we’d recommend adding it to a smoothie or porridge. That way, you’re not only killing two birds with one stone, but you’re not getting the harsh, bitter hit of flavour you do with drinking it straight!



Firstly, we’ll discuss the multivitamins. In your supply, you will receive 7 sachets of 3 different multivitamins, and 7 sachets of superfood drink powder that you just add to water.

There’s 3 multivitamins in each sachet:

Organic Turmeric with Bioperine: Turmeric and curcumin have scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antixodant, and may also help to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. Bioperine increases nutrient absorption by increasing your metabolism – it’s often found in fat burner products or diet whey proteins, by helping people to regulate their weight.

Vegan Algae Oil Omega 3 Softgel: Omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain healthy brain function, heart health, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It comes straight from algae (seaweed) and is highly nutritious. \

Antioxidant-rich Multinutrient: this multinutrient contains a B-vitamin complex, which between them contribute to reduction of tiredness and fatigue, a normal energy-yielding metabolism, regulation of hormonal activity and normal function of the immune system. There’s over 20 bioavailable ingredients designed to energise and replenish all your vitamin and mineral levels.

In the superfood drink, you’re getting 20 fantastic ingredients. We won’t list every single one, but we’ll discuss the ones that stand out the most to us.

5g Pea protein isolate: this vegan protein source helps regulate your blood sugar levels, and is a nice addition to your morning routine.

200mg Magnesium: a relaxing mineral that promotes re-balance and calm in the body. The recommended daily dosage is around 400mg, but you will get magnesium from foods such as almonds and spinach.

2.5 micrograms Vitamin B12: amplifies and sustains energy by keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy, also makes DNA in cells. Prevents a type of anemia that makes people feel tired and weak.

5 micrograms Vitamin D: a supplement that should be taken from birth, and one of the most important. Helps support the immune system by regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. One superfood sachet provides 100% of your recommended daily intake.

Fibre: not a direct ingredient, but due to the superfood content and high quality ingredients, you’re getting over 6g of fibre per drink sachet – that’s pretty high, and a really good way to start your day. This is essential for healthy digestion, and it comes from ingredients such as mushrooms, green tea and flaxseed – all of which can be found in the drink sachet.

The ingredients found both in the multivitamin and drink sachet really are fantastic.



It’s important to note that effectiveness of these nutrients will differ by person. We tested GP Nutrition GOLD on a male and female, both between the ages of 18 and 25, with a week beforehand of no supplementation. Both took the multinutrient alone for one day, then the superfood drink for one day, and then both together.

Firstly, the capsules. There was a definite difference in both people; both said it made them feel generally more awake and alert. They also said their focus increased and that they just felt happier, which is a great result. As there are only natural ingredients, and no added ingredients, there’s not really any negatives to discuss. Taking the capsules alone had definite benefits over no supplementation.

Next, the superfood drink. Although hard to get down, both people said that the superfood drink definitely provided benefits, such as reduced anxiety and even improved, clearer, more controlled breathing, which could have been improved by the blood sugar levels and calm we discussed within the ingredients. They also noticed digestion benefits when eating their regular diets – they felt fuller for longer, and toilet trips were a lot easier. There were even marginal improvements in skin, mainly around the face, which could be down to the purple superberries found in the sachet.

Finally, both together. Both people said that when paired together, their body and brain felt a lot lighter and more alive, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercise was easier and felt more fulfilling, but their sleep also improved, by not waking up with dry eyes and still feeling tired.

Overall, we are happy with the ingredients found in this multinutrient bundle, and we would definitely recommend it as we are really happy with the results – they are definitely noticeable in the person taking them. It can cost quite a bit, but if you are person that likes convenience, or are constantly on the go, GP Nutrition GOLD certainly provides the reliability you need in getting in vital nutrients and minerals before your day starts, and can generally make you feel a lot better. It can be quite expensive, but you get what you pay for.


Where to buy

The best place to grab GP Nutrition products is on their website, where you can subscribe to save and make additional savings!

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