Maximuscle Max Whey Protein review


The Maximuscle Max Whey protein powder is not cheap whatsoever. For this protein, in it’s largest tub at 480g, and based on our current lowest price offer of £16.99, you’re looking at a whopping £3.54 per 100g. Based on the serving size of 32g, that’s roughly £1.18 per serving. The price per 100g of MyProtein’s best-selling Impact Whey  is £1.80 per 100g. But, if you can and want to afford Max Whey, there is no reason not to. Based on the above, we think you would be better off buying separate whey protein and BCAA powder or tablets, as you will get much better value for money. Due to the bag being so small, however, it is much more suitable for taking it with you to work or even the gym. If you were to take two servings per day, the bag would only last a week.



Max Whey only comes in 4 flavour combinations: Banoffee, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Naturally, as you are spending more money, not only do you want a good quality protein powder, but you want it to taste good, and this does. If you are a fan of Banoffee pie in general, the taste is almost identical when mixed with milk. We can’t say much more on the other flavours, they taste pretty standard, but the strawberry does have a bit of a sweet kick to it.



Max Whey naturally has great mixability. It seems to be a much finer powder than normal, which probably results in it being broken down much easier when shaken or blended.

We recommend, for the best results, using 1 serving (32g) with approximately 300ml of milk/water in a shaker. However, remember, mixing with milk slows down protein digestion! Shake very strongly. You can get even better results with a stainless steel mixing ball, that breaks up the powder in to even finer pieces for better mixing. If you can get a blender, even better.



Due to it’s mixture of whey and isolate protein (roughly 85% whey concentrate, 10% isolate) it has slightly better effectiveness than normal whey. It also boasts a decent BCAA and non-essential amino acid profile, however, again, we would recommend buying these separately due to the price. Max Whey does contain 1.4mg of Vitamin B6 per serving, which benefits your nervous system by helping to produce serotonin, contributing to feelings of happiness and well-being! However, due to the price, we do feel you can get better products that offer similar effectiveness, if not even better.


Where to buy

As one of the most popular supplement brands in the world, there are many places where you can buy Maximuscle products. You can get sample sachets before buying the full bag, which is 480g. Check out the offers below and choose the offer that suits you best. The prices below are for 480g, which is the most popular size.

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