M&M’s Hi-Protein Bar review


The M&M Hi-Protein Bars come in a box of 12. At the time of writing, our best offer on a box of 12 bars is £18.95. This works out at £1.58 per bar, which is pretty good value for a protein bar. Let’s see if this is a protein bar you should be choosing.



The M&M Hi-Protein Bar is available in 2 flavours: Chocolate and Peanut, just like the regular M&Ms!

Firstly, the Chocolate flavour is a delicious flavour and is hugely indulgent. It tastes pretty amazing and is full of flavour, which is exactly what you want from a protein bar.

The Peanut flavour also (funnily enough) tastes just like the chocolate itself, with a strong peanut taste and a massive hit of chocolate.

If you love M&M’s, then you’ll love the taste of these bars!



When you open up the packaging, it’s as if the bar is glowing in your face. It’s chocolate coating glazes at you when you open it, and you just want to bite straight in. Inside the bar are the real M&M pieces, and then you’ve got the nougat on the inside. The nougat can be slightly dry, however, this is typical of a protein bar. Overall, the bar is quite thick and can be dry after a while, however it’s very easy to eat and it’s a very indulgent alternative to the actual M&M chocolate.



From looking at the macronutrient profile on the Salted Caramel flavour, we are getting (per bar): 192 calories, 15g protein, 23g carbs and 5.5g of fat. These macros aren’t actually that bad – the calories make it a good snack as they’re not as high as many other protein bars, however the carbohydrates are quite high. Per bar, we’ve got 15g of sugar, which is very high. This will be down to the mass of colourings, syrups and oils found in the bar that adds to the taste and texture. If you’re all about taste, then this isn’t anything to worry about, however if you are conscious about your macros, it’s probably best to avoid this.

The problem we have measuring effectiveness is that each bar we review varies in size, so it’s best to look at the nutritional information per 100g. If we look at this instead, for comparison purposes, we are getting 379 calories, 29g of protein, 10.7g fat and 45g of carbs. Again, the carbs are monstrously high, and the protein isn’t that big, so it depends on if you want this as a treat, or as a genuine replacement for a chocolate bar.

The protein content comes from a mixture of Whey Concentrate and Milk protein. Later in the ingredients list, we also find collagen hydrolysate, which is a faster-acting protein and is often found in protein bars, making it great for a post-workout snack. In terms of other ingredients, we also have soya protein isolate, and a hell of a lot of colourings, oils and syrups, which you may need to be cautious of, such as palm oil and glucose syrup.

Overall, the taste of this bar, from is really good, and the value isn’t too bad either. However, there are a huge amount of protein bars that have much better nutritionals and macros. It completely depends on what you value more, and what’s more important to you. If you’re looking for a really good tasting protein bar that satisfies your cravings, then this is a great choice. But, if you are looking for a bar that will provide great macros and be a healthier alternative, then this probably isn’t what you are looking for!


Where to buy

The only place to get this pre-workout is from the Peak Performance Labs website. As they are NA-based, there may be additional delivery charges, and it may take longer to arrive (but it’s worth it). Use the code SUPPWOW10 for 10% off at the checkout, and, if you buy 2 or more tubs, you’ll also get a free drawstring bag.


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