Musclefood High Protein Bar Review


The Musclefood High Protein Bar is available, without our exclusive discount at just £12 for 12 bars. However, if you use our discount code PROTEIN20, you can get two boxes (24 bars) for just £20 – that’s just £0.84 per bar!



We tried the Cookies and Cream flavour for this review. There are two other flavours available, though – Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange.

The Cookies and Cream flavour tastes great. It’s a stronger flavour than the Quest Protein Bar flavour, and it really does satisfy any cravings you have. We’re yet to try the other flavours we mentioned, however we have read good reviews about these from customers, and we will update our review once we get our hands on them!



The texture of this protein bar is pretty good. It’s a little bit ‘dusty’ or ‘grainy’, as most protein bars are, but the top of the bar has a crunchy, coated top. Inside the bar is a gooey, caramel-type texture, and underneath is the thick nougat-like protein bar itself. Overall, it’s a really delicious protein bar, coated from head to toe in chocolate and with a variety of textures that make it similar to the Grenade Carb Killa Bar.



From looking at the macronutrient profile, we are getting (per bar, based on the Cookies & Cream flavour): 117 calories, 11g protein, 12.8g carbs (of which 1g is sugar – remarkable), 2.7g fat and 0.23g of salt. These aren’t huge macros for a protein bar, if you compare it to some of the best-selling protein bars out there.

The problem we have measuring effectiveness is that each bar we review varies in size, so it’s best to look at the nutritional information per 100g. If we look at this instead, for comparison purposes, we are getting 259 calories, 24.4g of protein, 6.1g fat and 28.4g of carbs. Again, these aren’t great macros if you compare this to a typical Quest Bar, however they are a third of the price, so these make a nice snack to curb cravings.

Overall, this is a really tasty, satisfying protein bar, but we would not recommend relying on this as one of the best options out there. But, if you are wanting to increase your protein intake on a budget and with fantastic flavour, then this is a definite choice for you.


Where to buy

We’ve sorted you with a special discount! Each single bar retails at £1.29, however, Muscle Food have made a box of 12 just £12 (£1 per bar). BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER! If you use code PROTEIN20 at the checkout, we’ll get you 2 boxes (24 bars) for just £20 – that’s just 84p per bar!


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