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Pharma Fitness Creatine+ is available in 50 servings. At the time of writing, our best offer is £20.99 for 50 servings. If we break this down by size (325g), this works out at £6.46 per 100g of powder. This works out at 42p per serving, which is over treble that of its competitors. USN Pure Micronised Creatine is only 12p per serving – click here to read our review.



Pharma Fitness sent us a few sachets of the Mango Twist flavour. This flavour does not smell great whatsoever, but when mixed with water it tastes really good. It’s very easy to sip on before your workout, or you could even add it to a similar flavoured drink to drink during the gym. It would be a really good addition to unflavoured BCAAs, or even with a similar flavour!

Overall, it’s a very sweet, full flavour and it tastes great.



Creatine is usually quite grainy in texture, similar to sand. Across the board, it’s easy to mix. Just try not to add too much to your liquid, as it can sink to the bottom and stay there if too much is added, and you don’t need to be excessive with it.

We added 5g to 500ml of water and it mixed with no problems. Nearly all creatine products will have 10 mixability.



Effectiveness is even simpler for creatine. However, this Creatine is slightly different due to the two clinically-proven, patented ingredients, Actigin and Astragin.

In this powder, we have 100mg of Actigin. This is a clinically-proven, patented ingredient that provides plenty of benefits, such as improved endurance, reduced inflammation and the replenishment of aged muscle cells.

We also have 50mg of Astragin. This is another clinically-proven, patented ingredient that increases the absorption of nutrients and amino acids. It also increases the absorption of creatine by up to 33%. It also provides benefits to your immune system, which is important for regular gym-goers, as it’s proven intense exercise can affect your immune system.

With these two ingredients, it’s impossible to state that we felt a difference, however, as they are clinically-proven, it’s clear that they will make a difference.

Finally, and most important, we’ve got creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate helps the cells in your muscles provide more energy, improves high-intensity exercise, speeds up muscle growth, can lower blood sugar levels and can even combat neurological diseases.

You can cycle creatine, but we would recommend taking it year-round as there are no drawbacks of using creatine. You also get creatine from food sources such as meat. In order to maximise creatine stores in our body, we would start using 20 grams daily for 5-7 days. This should be followed by a ‘maintenance’ dosage of 2-10 grams per day. Another approach is 3g daily for 28 days.

Overall, this is a good-tasting Creatine that includes two additional, important ingredients that will result in you getting more out of each scoop. However, coming in at a very high price, it’s up to you if you would really reap the benefits of these additional ingredients, or whether you would be better off just using regular creatine, because, at the end of the day, they’re all the same – this just has the two extra ingredients to help it work better.


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