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Protein World are one of the biggest brands in the world – they seemed to come out of nowhere! When we look at the value of their products, they are right up there. For their vegan blend in particular, if we look at our best offer (at the time of writing) of £19.99 and a size of 720g, that works out at £2.78. Now, don’t get us wrong, this is still expensive for a supplement, but if you compare this to other products, such as MyProtein’s Clear Vegan Protein, it’s actually a good price. Later in the review, we will explore the ingredients, taste, and texture to see if this truly is worth it.



Protein World’s Vegan Protein Blend is available in 3 flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel. It’s actually quite refreshing, yet strange, to not see a flavour such as Strawberry on there, especially if this product is targeted towards vegans. However, we tried all 3 flavours and they were very good. Salted Caramel was our favourite, it felt like a cheat shake. The best thing about this, along with the very refined and smooth texture of the powder when dry, is that you can not tell the difference between this and a regular whey protein powder, which is exactly what we want to see. Overall, the taste was very good – remember, the taste and texture all depends on your liquid:powder ratio (we’ll get on to that next).



As mentioned, the powder is very refined and smooth – it feels like a very premium powder that would set you back a lot more money. We mixed a serving (40g) with 400ml of almond milk and it broke down really easily when shaken. For even better results when mixing and shaking, we use the Nutribullet 900W Blender. This absolutely torches anything you put inside it, even ice, and will give you an even nicer shake.



It is important to be aware that due to the fact that this is a vegan protein powder, i.e. not containing any dairy, it is naturally going to be lower in the amino acids often found in products such as beef, which is part of the manufacturing process of a typical whey protein powder. However, we are very impressed by the protein content in this powder. Per 100g, you are bagging just under 61g of protein, which is almost identical to MyProtein’s Clear Vegan Protein, bar 2g. This protein content comes from a mixture of pea, hemp and quinoa protein. Pea protein is usually hydrolysed, which means it digests in your system quicker. Similarly, we are looking at added vitamins and minerals that support overall health. But, it gets even better. Protein World have added a thermogenic blend of Guarana extract and Green Tea extract, both of which support fat loss. They’ve also added a blend of friendly bacterias that promote overall health, something we have not found in any other vegan protein powder. We argue this is because Protein World do not tailor their products towards bodybuilders in the way that brands such as MyProtein or SCI-MX do, but more towards women in their 30s and 40s that want to lose weight. In this case, it’s perfect, and there’s no reason why vegan bodybuilders wouldn’t also use this as a replacement. It’s higher in fat and carbohydrates than other vegan protein powders, but not by much, so it doesn’t cause too much of an issue. Finally, per 100g, we are getting just over 9g of fibre, which is good for helping you feel fuller for longer.

Overall, based on the target market of Protein World, we feel this is a really good vegan protein powder that supports muscle gain, fat loss and overall health.


Where to buy

There aren’t too many places to buy Protein World products, the best place is usually their website as they also promote exclusive discounts there – the price is in USD on our site due to the site being based outside of the UK, however the price is in GBP when you hit their website. However, we’ve narrowed down the best suppliers, with their best offers, and you can take your pick from the ones below. The prices shown are for a 720g tub with 30 servings, however there are different sizes and flavours available.

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