Rejuvenation Water Still British Amino Acid Spring Water review


Rejuvenation Water Still British Amino Acid Spring Water is only available in boxes of 12. At the time of writing, our best offer is £12.39 for a box of 12. This comes out at roughly £1.04 per bottle, which is not actually that bad – you’d pay more for a protein shake in a supermarket. If you’re drinking these on a daily basis and recurring purchasing, then it does get quite costly. During this review, we will aim to identify whether this price is justified, or if you can get a better product for less money. It’s important to note that our best offer is from a wholesaler, so you may end up paying more if you’re getting it from elsewhere.



Rejuvenation Water Still British Amino Acid Spring Water is available in three flavours: Apple and Mint, Spanish Orange and Ginger and Lime. The drink received a Great Taste Award in 2016, so let’s see how tasty they really are!

Firstly, we tried the Apple & Mint flavour. This was a really tasty and refreshing flavour. We were a bit worried at first with an Apple and Mint combination, but it works really well. The Apple flavour is certainly the strongest and it’s a really good flavour – it’s not too zingy and it’s really refreshing. We don’t get much of a hit of mint, but we’re not complaining in this instance. It’s a really refreshing flavour which is delicious when it comes straight out of the fridge.

Secondly, the Ginger and Lime flavour. This is a flavour that we were worried about. Now, it’s important to note that the reviews are subjective,  and what we like or dislike is only our opinion. The Ginger and Lime flavour is, putting it politely, not a flavour we would ever choose. It tastes quite medicinal and was really hard to drink. However, the flavours are pretty spot on, we’re just not sure they work together – but, then again, we would never opt to purchase a ginger-flavoured drink.

Finally, the Spanish Orange flavour. This was a good flavour but it wasn’t quite strong enough. We were anticipating a really zesty flavour with a long, citric aftertaste. The aftertaste didn’t really exist and the flavour, for whatever reason, wasn’t quite strong enough for us. However, it’s easy to drink, but Apple and Mint is certainly our favourite flavour.



So, ingredients in water are usually pretty simple. We won’t cover the nutritional values too much as there’s very little going on, aside from 2.2g of sugar per 100ml, and 1g of protein which comes from the L-Glutamine in the drink. We were slightly disappointed when the packaging stated that the drink is an ‘amino acid enriched spring water’. Our interpretation of this was that the drink was packed full of different amino acids, but there’s only one – L-Glutamine. Per 100ml, you are getting 1g of L-Glutamine, so per bottle you’re getting 5g. We asked Rejuvenation Water themselves about this, and they said that they wanted to approach the drink from a lifestyle perspective. They said that they wanted their drink to provide benefits to the immune system, digestion and cognitive function. So, it’s pretty fair to say that we would not recommend this drink as a replacement for the more ‘bodybuilding’ style amino acid drinks you can get, because it won’t provide the benefits that you need when trying to recover as quickly as possible.

However, if you are a busy Mum, a student or someone who wants to add that little bit more to their health in a convenient way, then this certainly is a good option. You should not rely solely on this drink to provide benefits, though – it has to be part of a balanced diet. Research suggests that to reap the benefits of L-Glutamine, you need around 5g per day, which is what this drink provides. L-Glutamine also helps the body to process other amino acids, which is really important for overall health. It also helps to reduce bloating, which is a really strong benefit of L-Glutamine.

In terms of other ingredients, we’ve got Apple Juice from concentrate (for the strong flavours), Malic Acid (an additive which gives some of the flavours it’s sour taste), natural flavourings (which we love to see), sweeteners and natural colourings. There’s nothing in the drink that causes any concern!

Overall, the ingredients are good, but it would certainly add more benefits if there were other amino acids in there. In this case, the drink does exactly what the brand hoped it would do with the inclusion of L-Glutamine and who it’s targeted towards.



Measuring the effectiveness of a drink is quite difficult. However, by looking at research in to L-Glutamine, it’s certainly going to contribute to healthier digestion and a stronger immune system. You can also get L-Glutamine through your diet, through such foods as Eggs, Beef and White Rice, so if you’re adding this drink to a diet that contains foods rich in L-Glutamine, then you’re laughing! Research also suggests that, from a fitness perspective, L-Glutamine does not have any impact on muscle mass or strength, but it does play a role in decreasing muscle soreness and improving recovery.

Overall, this drink is a fantastic addition to a healthy diet if you are conscious about immunity and intestinal health. You can get L-Glutamine supplements that add to water, but with this drink, with it being available online and in major retailers, it’s a really good addition to your typical lunch meal deal. If you were to swap your regular Coke Zero for this drink, you’ll be spending a little more but providing your body with a lot more benefits, so it’s definitely worth it.


Where to buy

The best place to grab Rejuvenation Water is on the official website as they may promote exclusive discounts there, however it is also sold by supermarkets and other retailers.

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