What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content is a fantastic way for you to reach thousands of new, potential customers. We offer lots of opportunities – use the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in working with us.


What is a Sponsored Review?

Simply put, a Sponsored Review is a review of a product or service that we have been paid to review.

A company may contact us for a sponsored review and send us a product to try. Although we are paid for this, the client is pre-warned that our assessment and opinions will remain consistent and truthful for our users.

What is a Sponsored Post?

A client may also contact us for a sponsored social media post to promote their product. We tag business partners where possible, and we also include the relevant hashtags to inform customers, users and followers that this is a paid promotional post.

What is a Featured/Promoted listing?

A featured/promoted listing can be done internally by a retailer in their user dashboard.

A retailer may add a product and pay to promote it through our website. This is an automated process, however we reserve the right to remove promotions or false listings at our discretion. 

A retailer can not list, or make a change to their listing without our approval first.

What is a Display Advertisement?

To generate further revenue on our website, we may employ Google Advertising on certain pages. 

There also may be featured/promoted listings, partner advertising or other paid advertising that a retailer or brand have compensated us for. You are not obliged to click on any links or advertising to get full use of our website.

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What is a help article?

A help article on Suppwow is a page that is written to support a customer or retailer. This may be a frequently asked question, information that you may need to know before using our website, or how to use our website properly.


These pages and articles are written by our website developers and support team, who have the best knowledge on such topics.

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