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Warrior Crunch Protein Bars come in a box of 12, or as a single bar. At the time of writing, our best offer on a box of 12 bars is £14.99. This works out at £1.25 per bar, which is very good value and is one of the lowest prices we have found for a protein bar.



The Warrior Crunch Bar is available in 6 flavours: Dark Chocolate Peanut, Salted Caramel, White Choc Crisp, Milk Chocolate Coconut, Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie.

Warrior sent us a box of Banoffee Pie bars, so this is the only flavour that we tried. Upon opening the bar, it smells very strongly of Banana and initially, we were not sure if it was going to taste that good.

On the first bite, you get a really aromatic taste of Banana, but it goes pretty quickly. You’re then hit with a slight toffee flavour, mixed with the white chocolate from the coating of the bar.

This bar really does taste great. It’s clear to see that Warrior have put a lot of time and effort in to getting this bar just right.

Also, you usually get that odd, bitter flavour with protein bars, but you don’t get that at all with this flavour.

We have not tried any other flavours, however we can say with confidence that if they are on par with the Banoffee flavour, they will be great and certainly a good investment based on the price.



With most protein bars, you do experience a slightly powdery, dryer texture than regular – this is normally due to less fat in the products, that usually give it that indulgent taste. This bar doesn’t have a trace of this, and it’s slightly bemusing! We were expecting the middle of this bar to be quite powdery and dry, but it’s the opposite. Upon biting you get the white chocolate and milk chocolate coating, mixed with a caramel layer just underneath. Underneath that, you have the body of the bar, which is alike to the typical chewy protein bar texture. This is also topped with soya crispies, made from soya protein and a bit of sweetener. There’s a load of different textures in there, but the soya crispies especially work well with the chewy protein bar texture.

Overall, the texture of this bar is great. It’s got a great crunch, but it’s also really easy to eat and goes down very easily.



From looking at the macronutrient profile on the Banoffee Pie flavour, we are getting (per bar): 251 calories, 20g protein, 24g carbs (of which 2.6g is sugar), 12g fat and, according to the nutritional values, no fibre. These macros are ok, but we think that the great taste and texture of the bar is down to the macros, specifically the higher fat content.

The problem we have measuring effectiveness is that each bar we review varies in size, so it’s best to look at the nutritional information per 100g, for the Banoffee Pie flavour again. If we look at this instead, for comparison purposes, we are getting 371 calories, 31g of protein, 19g fat and 37g of carbs. This results in a 31/19/37g ratio of macronutrients. This again is ok, but again the great flavour and texture comes from the higher level of fat.

The protein content comes from a mixture of milk protein, collagen hydrolysate, soya protein and soy lecithins. Collagen hydrolysate is a good ingredient, as it’s been scientifically proven to boost muscle mass, as well as promote heart health and improve your skin. In terms of other ingredients, we do have 0.4% banana flakes, which is interesting as the flavour of banana is quite strong at the beginning. You do have quite a lot of sweeteners in there, as well as flavourings and colourings. There’s quite a few allergens in there, so be careful and read the label before consuming.

Overall, this is a really tasty alternative to a chocolate bar you’d grab from the fridge. In terms of macronutrients, there are other bars out there with better macros. However, if you take in to account the value of the bars, as well as the taste and texture, you are definitely on to a winner with this one. It doesn’t really feel like you’re eating a protein bar, but you’re still packing your body with 20g of protein per bar.


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