What is a Verified Listing?

What is a Verified Listing?

If you’re on this page, you may have noticed that some listings are verified, and some are not.

So, what does that depend on?

Well, we check every single listing for quality and precision before they are posted on our website. However, a listing is verified when it is posted by the manufacturer or brand that created the product.

For example, a pre-workout product can be listed and sold by various retailers and shops. However, we only verify the listing if it’s posted by the company themselves.

How can I get my listing verified?

You can contact us if you feel your listing should have been verified, however, if you are not the manufacturer or creator of the product, the listing will not be verified.

Why do you verify listings?

So, as we said, we check every listing before it goes live, and we also reserve the right to change the listing as we wish, if we feel there’s something not quite right. A retailer can not make a change to their listing without having it approved, so there’ll be no sneaky changes without it being spotted!

We verify listings to give the creator of the product that little bit more exposure and notice on our website, as after all, they did spend the time and money creating their product.

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