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Wow Hydrate Protein Water is available in a pack of 12 for just £17.99 – that’s £1.50 per bottle, and is great value for a high quality protein water, which is a great alternative to sugary sports drinks. However, we’ve sorted our readers and users with an exclusive 20% off discount – read on to find out how to get access.


Wow Hydrate sent us a 12 pack of Tropical flavour – thanks to Wow Hydrate for this!

The Tropical flavour was really, really good and was definitely our favourite. The push-cap technology in each bottle preserves the flavour and retains the flavour. With a strong shake, straight from the fridge, the Tropical flavour was really refreshing.


Kevin De Bruyne Wow Hydrate Protein Water



Obviously, with a protein powder, you can get the lower-quality ones that are filled with ingredients that can thicken your drink. In ready-to-drink products, because most of them because ready-made, they can also not be anything special in terms of texture.
The Wow Hydrate drinks range contains push-cap technology to preserve texture and effectiveness, which we’ll get on to next!




From looking at the macronutrient profile, we are getting (per bottle): 97 calories, 20g protein, 3.1g carbs (of which 0.1g is sugar – remarkable), 0g fat and 0g of salt. We’ve also got a combined 26.5mg of Vitamin B6, C and D, each providing 33% of the daily recommended intake.

The problem we have measuring effectiveness is that each bar we review varies in size, so it’s best to look at the nutritional information per 100ml. If we look at this instead, for comparison purposes, we are getting 19 calories, 4g of protein, 0g fat and 0.6g of carbs. If we compare this to, let’s say the Myprotein Impact Protein Shake (RTD), which has 59 calories, 7.6g protein, 0.6g fat and 5.4g of carbs. So, it’s fair to say that Wow Hydrate is perfect for increasing protein intake, without having to sacrifice the fat, carbohydrates or calories.

So, on to the push-cap technology. The best thing about this is that you are guaranteed 100% of the ingredient benefits once activated. The problem with drinks that are mixed from manufacturing, is that proteins and other nutrients can degrade due to a number of factors, such as time or storage conditions. The flavoured collagen protein is stored in the cap and is not mixed in to the water until you say so!

But, what is collagen protein? Why have they not used whey like most protein drinks?

Well, from our point of view, it would be fair to say that Wow Hydrate are not aiming their drink towards bodybuilders and physique competitors – it’s more aimed towards athletes in a range of sports, such as football and boxing.

Collagen protein is easily digested and quickly absorbed, and we know that collagen makes up our bones, muscles and skin. There’s also 1.36g of BCAAs in the drink which, isn’t huge, but every little helps, right?

Overall, this is a really effective protein drink that won’t break the bank. It’s a great to fuel your body with a high quality, fast-absorbing protein.


Tyson Fury Wow Hydrate Protein Water


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